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Here‘s the problem...

Information about homes is fragmented, difficult to access, and controlled by protectionist organizations. This costs consumers and companies billions every year and makes industry innovation nearly impossible.

The solution? BHR.

BHR is a platform and protocol that lets anyone access real-time information about any property.

A collaborative ecosystem
We‘ve partnered with industry leaders to provide access to rich data on over 150 million homes in the United States.
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Unlock premium data with a RealReport™

The real estate market is more volatile than ever. Give yourself the upper hand by unlocking the BHR RealReport™ ($50 each) to access critical property information for any home address in the US.


Add data, earn rewards

Add information to your home on the BHR app to earn rewards. Rewards can be redeemed for RealReports™.


Claim your home to unlock:

Free RealReport™ for your home

Monetizing your home data

NFT to control your home‘s data and privacy

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Frequently asked questions

RealReports™ cost $50 each. We also offer a subscription service - if you‘re interested in subscribing to RealReports™, contact us and we will create a custom package for you.

RealReports™ are incredibly useful for anyone looking to buy a home, or for industry professionals (real estate agents, mortgage originators, title companies, etc.) looking to help their clients make more informed decisions.

By claiming your home, you can start to take control of your data. Once your verify that you own the home, you will earn $HOME Rewards every time anyone purchases a RealReport™ for your home in the future. All home claims also come with a free RealReport™ ($50 value) for your home and a unique NFT that controls access to it‘s data.

It costs $50 to claim your home, which includes a free RealReport™ and unique NFT of the home.

When you add data to your home record, you will receive $HOME rewards. $HOME can be used to unlock a RealReport™ about your home or held to redeem later on. Early users will receive additional rewards and other surprises over time.

BHR is available for any residential property in the United States.

The BHR protocol is creating a single source of truth for all real estate data. BHR allows anyone to access reliable information about any home in real-time.

The world‘s real estate data, just a click away